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Why Coliving Is An Investment In Your Well-Being

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

I'm a firm believer that deciding to stay in a coliving space is an investment in yourself. For any potential resident, it's easy to see that coliving can be a less expensive alternative to finding a one-bedroom apartment on your own.

When people look at your pricing, they might only view that figure as 'rent.' They're likely thinking - "Does it make sense to pay that much in 'rent', when I still have to share spaces?"

But, you and I know that coliving offers so much more than just a place to eat and sleep. How can you frame your marketing in a way that highlights the fact that it's not just rent that they're signing up for? It's an investment in their personal and professional well-being.

There's SO much value in communal living. Here are a few reasons why coliving enhances your well-being:

1) Connections Develop Quickly

  • Imagine moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone. You might make a new friend at your yoga studio, or at work, but developing those friendships take time. It may take months or even years to find a solid group of friends in a new place. With coliving spaces, relationships are formed at rapid speed. Often, just a week or two in, and you’ll have made solid connections that will stay with you, long after you move out of the space.

2) Productivity Levels Skyrocket

  • Coliving spaces tend to draw in entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and people looking to get the most out of life. When you’re living with a group of individuals who are passionate about the work they do, it inspires you to work harder on your own projects as well. You’ll find yourself achieving more professionally, but still enjoying the benefits of a well-rounded social life.

3) Increased Personal Growth

  • Being surrounded by like-minded, positive, driven people will motivate you in all areas of your life. You’ll notice yourself trying new things, picking up healthier habits, and likely leaving the space with whole new skillset altogether. Many coliving spaces will even organize skillshares, workshops, and consciously foster a learning/teaching environment. In a properly run space, you feel supported, and are part of a crew of people who have your back, and truly want to see you succeed.

4) Positive Mental Health

  • We all know that loneliness takes a toll on your mental health. There was a loneliness epidemic long before 2020, but with lockdowns and social isolation, it’s been an even tougher year to live solo. Having people you can count on, who will celebrate your wins and your losses with you, greatly increases your quality of life. With more and more people working from home, it’s more important than ever to have a home life that makes you feel nourished and supported.

5) Added Privacy

  • Yes, it might seem counterintuitive to list ‘privacy’ as a benefit of coliving, but a well-designed space has a good mixture of both communal and private spaces. When moving into a coliving community, people often worry about not having enough time to themselves. But, I’ve found that people who choose to live in coliving spaces understand the need for privacy, and value it even more than a typical roommate would. People in the coliving world tend to be more understanding of the need to be by yourself. No one can be sociable all of the time. Coliving spaces offer you the space to be alone when you want it, as well as opportunities to socialize when you don’t.

6) Avoiding Burnout

  • Coliving spaces allow you the opportunity to live a more balanced life. With services, amenities, and a built-in social life, it just makes life easier all around. If you lived on your own, and wanted to stay in touch with friends, a certain amount of effort is required. You get home from work, and think, ‘Do I really want to send out a group text and organize dinner plans right now?’ It’s easier to stick to your routines, work longer hours, and spend more time at home, desperately trying to find something you haven’t seen yet on Netflix. With coliving, some things are just done for you. You might come home to someone making homemade pasta, with a glass of wine waiting for you on the counter. Or, you may decide at the last minute to join your housemates for a run along the river. You toss your laptop on the bed, throw on your workout clothes and go. You have options, and the freedom to hop into social activities whenever you want, allowing you to step outside of the work/eat/sleep routine much more easily than you would otherwise.

There are quite honestly hundreds of reasons why coliving is a solid investment in your well-being, and can be a life changing opportunity for many. As a coliving operator, you certainly know these benefits already, but do your potential residents? Not everyone has discovered the joys of community living...yet. Do them a favor and bring them up to speed!

Leah Ziliak is a consultant for coliving spaces, with a passion for building strong communities, streamlining processes, and enhancing the guest experience to create positive coliving environments.

Interested in our consulting services? Send a message.

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