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5 Essential Do's and Don'ts for your Coliving Website

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Top 5 Website Do's & Don'ts for your Digital Nomad Coliving Space

A well-crafted online presence can be the difference between attracting the right community and missing the mark entirely. If you operate a coliving space for Digital Nomads, there are a few key things you need to know. In this article, we'll delve into the Top 5 DO's and DON'Ts for your coliving space website.

#1 Use the Right Terminology

🚫 DON'T use the term hostel.

Digital nomads are looking for more than transient lodging; they crave a community-focused lifestyle. Refrain from using the term "hostel," as it often carries connotations of short-term stays for tourists.

✅ DO: Use the term 'coliving' or 'shared living'

Highlight the community aspects and emphasize that your space is designed for those seeking a more prolonged and immersive experience.

#2 Require A Minimum Length of Stay

🚫 DON'T allow for stays of 1-2 days.

Building a thriving community requires time and continuity. Avoid allowing stays of just a couple of nights. It makes a massive difference in your community-building strategy.

✅ DO: Establish a minimum length of stay of 1-4 weeks.

This timeframe allows you to foster deeper connections among your residents, laying the foundation for a more cohesive and vibrant community. Highlight the benefits of longer stays on your website to attract like-minded individuals seeking a more meaningful experience.

#3 Skip Airbnb and

🚫 DON'T advertise on short-term booking platforms (if you can help it.)

Listing your space on generic short-term-let platforms, means you're likely not attracting your ideal demographic. Most people who search for accommodation on Airbnb aren't looking for a community, they're simply looking for a place to sleep.

✅ DO: Opt for nomad-specific booking platforms

Consider listing your space on platforms that are dedicated to digital nomads like By strategically positioning yourself where digital nomads are actively seeking accommodation, you increase the likelihood of reaching your target audience. Tailor your marketing efforts to resonate with the preferences and values of the digital nomad community.

#4 Be Transparent with your Wifi Speeds

🚫 DON'T forget to advertise your wifi speeds.

High-speed internet is a non-negotiable for digital nomads. And, saying you have 'fast wifi' isn't good enough. You need to prove it.

✅ DO: Conduct regular speed tests using platforms like and prominently display the results on your website.

Clearly communicate the reliability and speed of your internet connection, reassuring potential residents that your space is optimized for their professional needs.

#5 Reframe the Community Experience

🚫 DON'T say that you host "parties"

Digital nomads seek a balance between social interaction and productivity. Avoid the party-centric image associated with hostels.

✅ DO: Frame your community engagement as "facilitating community events."

Emphasize a mix of social and entrepreneurial activities to cater to the diverse interests of your residents. This nuanced approach positions your coliving space as an environment that fosters both personal connections and professional growth.


In the competitive landscape of coliving spaces for digital nomads, your website is a powerful tool for attracting the right audience. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can elevate your online presence and create a space that truly resonates with the digital nomad community.

Whether you're a seasoned coliving operator or a newcomer to the scene, these insights can serve as a roadmap for cultivating a thriving and vibrant community within your space.

Need Help With Your Coliving Website?

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