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The Coliving Course

A Masterclass in the Coliving Customer Experience

A step-by-step Video Course packed with tools, templates and resources to build your CX Strategy.

Are you ready
to elevate your coliving brand?

The coliving industry is becoming increasingly competitive. BUT...the 'best of the best' continue to operate at capacity.

Want to know their secret?

Top-tier coliving spaces implement Customer Experience & Community-Building techniques that keep guests (and cash 💰💵 ) flowing in!

And, I'll teach you how to do the same.


Through this course, you will gain access to all of the tools, resources and step-by-step guidance needed to become a leading coliving brand.

Gain access to powerful tools, templates, videos and more.

Coliving Course - Leah Ziliak
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Imagine If...

  • Your coliving space operated at capacity (and even had a waitlist!)

  • You could increase your pricing and actually gain more customers

  • You could build a strong community without becoming a full-time event planner

  • 99% of your business came from word-of-mouth marketing​​

Through this course, I'll teach you how to do all of the above...and more.

Meet Leah

In 2019, Leah started her coliving consulting agency and quickly became a global thought-leader in the industry.

With 15+ years of hospitality experience in the U.S. and a strong passion for community, she began working 1:1 with coliving brands.


Leah has since become one of the most sought-after coliving consultants in the world.

Working with prominent coliving brands, Leah creates strategies to build strong communities and enhance the Coliving Customer Experience.

International speaker, author and digital nomad, Leah travels full-time, exploring community-based living spaces around the globe.

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Your Course Includes:

2+ Hours of Video Content

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All of the strategies, knowledge and guidance needed to create an in-demand coliving experience that makes an impact (and sells!)

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Tools, Resources & Templates

Interactive Guided Exercises

Learn the proven Customer Experience strategies I use with my 1:1 clients.

Dozens of resources, curated tools and templates you can start utilizing right away.

Build your coliving Customer Experience through a series of guided exercises. 

What you will learn...

The Step-By-Step Instructions For Creating Your Ideal Coliving Customer Experience: 

Map Your

Customer Journey:

Use this powerful exercise to create positive experiences consistently.

Build Your

Onboarding System:

Learn how to increase retention rates through your welcome process.



Build a strong community by implementing a solid communication strategy.

Sell The Coliving Experience:

Learn how to attract new residents through your marketing and branding.


You will also gain access to...

Dozens of tools, resources and templates to help
your coliving business run smoothly.

  • Canva Templates

    • Customize a Welcome Kit in a few clicks

  • Communication Templates

    • Copy & Paste e-mails you can use today

  • A 27-Page Tech Guide

    • Learn which tools to invest in and which to skip

  • Community Health Assessment

    • Assess strengths & weaknesses in your community​


ChatGPT Prompts to create quality coliving-specific content

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You got into the coliving industry
for a reason, right?

With coliving, you have the opportunity to make an impact, create memorable experiences and lifelong connections.

You can do ALL of that AND build a wildly successful business.

So, are you ready to future-proof your coliving brand?

Implement a Customer Experience Strategy that works.

With this course, you'll learn how to do that (...and so much more!)


“Leah is probably the leading thought-leader worldwide on the topic of creating long-lasting, well-considered communities. I will often ask her advice on how to make coliving that makes business-sense.”

Vann Vogstad, COHO


I haven't launched my coliving business yet, can I still utilize this course?

Absolutely! This course will help you create your coliving customer experience strategy from the ground up. Whether you're brand new to the coliving industry, or want to enhance your existing brand, this course is for you.

Is this course meant for a specific type of coliving?

This course is designed for all types of coliving. Whether you operate a long-term residential space, a digital nomad space or organize coliving retreats, the strategies and principles in this course still apply.

When will I get access to the course?

Immediately.  We are officially live!  So, you will be able to create your account and log into the course upon payment.

How long will the course take?

The course is self-guided designed for you to learn at your own pace.  You'll have lifetime access to the content, so you can work through it whenever you'd like.

It contains 40+ videos, paired with guided exercises and templates, along with dozens of resources to dive into.  The amount of time it takes is different for each person.

The Community Manager Hiring Guide

A 20-Page Guide packed with tips and insights.

Learn how to hire the best team members for your coliving space.

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