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Ways to Work Together

Experience Design Services For

Your Coliving & Coworking Spaces

Monthly Retainer

Needing an expert to head up your Coliving Community & Customer Experience, but not quite ready to hire a full-time team member just yet? 

This option is for you.


By working together on a monthly basis, we can assess your current needs and begin to develop a long-term working relationship that fits within your budget.


To see if this option is right for your space and receive a price quote, send a message:

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Strategy Session
& Action Plan

In this 60-minute strategy session, we will walk through your entire User Journey and build a strategy that focuses on the following:


  • Designing your Onboarding Experience

  • Building your Communication Templates

  • Ways to Facilitate Community-Led Experiences

  • How to Increase Retention Rates

  • Growing Your Community Organically

  • Platforms to Grow Your Audience

  • Neighborhood Guide Development

  • Demographic Analysis

I'll also be able to answer any questions you have about the coliving industry in general, and work through any specific pain points

After the session, you will receive a full recap, along with a customized step-by-step Action Plan.  You will leave with a clear strategy and clarity on how to implement it.

To see if this option is the right fit for you and receive a price quote, send a message:


Mentorship Program

If you are opening a coliving space, or want to enhance an existing one, consider the 3-Month Mentorship Program.  In this one-to-one experience, I'll walk you through the entire Customer Journey, designing your guest experience from start to finish.  Over the course of three months, we'll cover Onboarding, Community, Living Experience, Offboarding, and Beyond. 


This program is set up as three one-to-one 60-minute virtual sessions with homework in between.  Once completed, you'll have a clear view of your entire Customer Experience and actionable steps to bring it all together.

To see if this option is the right fit for you and receive a price quote, send a message:

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Yearly Sessions:
Customer Experience Refresher

If you've been running a coliving space for any length of time, I highly recommend doing a once-a-year refresher session.  It's like spring cleaning for your Customer Experience!


Together, we'll go through your entire Customer Journey and look for places to reduce inefficiencies and ensure clear communication throughout.  We'll discuss current pain points and ways to fix them.  It includes:

- (1) 60-Minute 'Pain Point' Session

- User Journey Review

- Communication Template Assessment

- Welcome Packet Assessment

- (1) 60-Minute Overview Session

To see if this option is the right fit for you and receive a price quote, send a message:

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