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Leah Ziliak

Community Experience Consultant for Coliving Spaces
Key Areas of Focus:
Onboarding Systems
Communication Templates
Coliving Services
How I Work

Who are your clients?

I work directly with coliving operators and brands, providing personalized consulting services both remotely and on-site for shared living spaces around the world.


What do you do?


With a focus on designing and enhancing the Customer Experience, I work with clients to create a strategy to ensure overall Community Happiness.  We take a deep dive into the Customer Journey, create solid onboarding systems, refine communication templates and gain clarity on their specific community-building strategy.

Why is this so important?

Building a thriving coliving community can sometimes look effortless as an outsider, but any successful coliving brand knows that being intentional with your experience design is key for consistency and longevity.


Working together, we can create a Community Experience Design plan that not only helps you build connection within your space, but helps you to run your space more effectively, increase community engagement, grow your brand and increase retention rates.

For a list of popular services, click the link below:

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