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Bansko Nomad Fest Recap

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

This summer, I had the opportunity to spend a few months in the digital nomad hub of Bansko, Bulgaria. Haven't heard of Bansko? Don't worry, you're not alone! In recent years, this tiny ski resort town in the middle of Bulgaria has turned into a coliving/coworking hotspot, drawing in nomads from around the world.

At surface level, you wouldn't guess that this small mountain village would grasp the attention of some of the most well-traveled individuals on the planet. But, dig in a little further and you'll find the secret is in the incredibly strong community created by Coworking Bansko. With organized community events happening every day of the week, (game nights, skill shares, BBQ's, group hikes, etc.) there are always opportunities to learn, grow and connect. The nomad scene created in Bansko is truly something special.

Rural coliving and coworking spaces have been popping up all over these days and Bansko is the perfect example of a successful rural coliving/coworking community in action. With the pandemic, more and more people are leaving the cities and are craving time in nature. In Bansko, you'll find not only a strong community, but wide open spaces, world-class hiking, skiing, rafting, hot springs, camping, horseback riding and more. Spend just a little time there and you'll quickly see why it's such an attractive option for active nomads. For lovers of the outdoors, it's a little piece of paradise.

I came to Bansko with the intention of spending a week at Nomad Fest, and ended up staying for the entire summer. Clearly, the community in Bulgaria resonated with me, as it has for thousands of other nomads over the years.

For a full recap of Nomad Fest, check out this article I wrote in partnership with SALTO Systems:

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