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Group Mentorship


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Let's build your coliving business together.

Join an engaging group of coliving operators, professionals, and consultants in this curated monthly mentorship program.

Are you tired of trying to figure it all out alone?

​Building a successful coliving business can be tough. It's a new industry, which means the answers to your questions aren't always easy to find.


The good news is, you don't have to do it alone.

Through this monthly mastermind group, you will receive:

  • Unlimited Q&A

  • Community Support

  • Personalized Feedback

  • Collaboration Opportunities

AND expert guidance from some of the world's leading industry professionals.

Led by Leah

By joining this Mastermind Group, you gain access to the knowledge, insight and support of world-renowned coliving consultant, Leah Ziliak.

Don't waste your time trying to find the answers alone. Let an expert connect you with the resources and tools needed to ensure your coliving project thrives.

To learn more about Leah, click here.

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What's Included?

Private Group Chat

You will gain access to our private Telegram Group. Get all of your questions answered quickly.

Monthly Live Video Sessions

Every month, Leah will lead a Live Session on ways to grow and build your coliving business.

Ask The Expert Sessions

Expert advice at your fingertips. Get personal feedback on how to overcome your obstacles.

Who is this for?

If you fall into one of the following categories...

Future Coliving Operators

who want guidance and feedback

who want to level up their brand

Community Builders

who want to learn best practices

Existing Coliving Operators

...this group is for you!

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Unlock the secrets to building a successful coliving business.

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Because, even
community-builders need community...

As coliving professionals, we know firsthand just how impactful community can be.

But, wouldn't it be nice to have a community to support YOU?

Nothing sparks change and progress faster than a community.


Surround yourself with the 'best of the best' in the industry and see how many doors open.

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Membership Plans:

Choose One

€42/Month (Limited Time)


Do I need to commit to join for a certain period of time?

Your membership is completely flexible. It renews on a monthly basis, but if you decide it's not for you, you are free to cancel anytime before your next payment. Easy peasy.

What if I'm on a different time zone, and can't make the live sessions?

No worries!  The live sessions will always be recorded, and of course, the group chat is available 24/7.  I'm a digital nomad, which means I'm often in different time zones as well.

What topics will we cover in this group?

As an expert in coliving customer experience, we will tend to focus on things like community-building, event structures, communication, branding, and marketing. 

But, my coliving network runs deep.  I'll also be bringing in experts in architecture, technology, and more. Whatever your pain point is, we've got you covered!

I have more questions.  Who do I contact?

Feel free to message me anytime at or connect on LinkedIn.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Coliving Brand Analysis

Does your coliving space pass
the 6 in 60 Test?

Receive a personal assessment of your website/social media, along with tips to improve.

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